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Author Guidelines

  1. Author Guidelines
    • Please submit your article in Microsoft Words. The article must be written on A4 paper with margin of 2.5 cm on each side. Use font style of Times New Roman 12 for the title, author(s)’ name, and body text; and Times New Roman 10 for author(s)’ affiliation, address, and email address. For Abstract please use Times New Roman 11. All parts of the paper should be written with 1 space (except the body text, with 1.5 space).
    • Complete your articles with: Title, Name of Author(s), email address, Institution Affiliation, and Abstract (Write your abstracts of no more than 250 words and please indicate of 3 to 5 keywords).
    • Article must be written in English, between 5.000-7.000 words as follows: Introduction, Theoretical Framework (Literature Review), Method, Findings, Discussion, Conclusion, and Implication. Headings should be left margin, upper case and bold. Sub headings should be used to aid readability in accordance with the following format: a) first order headings: left margin, lower case start with capital letter and bold; b) second order headings: flush with the left margin, lower case start with capital letter and bold; 3) third order headings: bold, lower case start with capital letter, indented as a paragraph followed by a period Tables, graphs, figures, and maps should be carefully integrated into the text and contribute significantly to understanding the authors message. Figures should be of clear quality, in black and white and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals. Tables should be typed and included as part of the manuscript. They should not be submitted as graphic element. Ensure that tables and figures are complete with necessary superscripts shown, both next to the relevant items and with the corresponding explanations or levels of significance shown as footnotes in the tables and figures.
    • For Author identity acknowledgment citation and reference please follow the APA 6th Edition citation and referencing style.