Journal Description:

Journal of Education on Social Science (JESS) is a scientific journal published three times a year (starting from 2023): April, August, and December by the Faculty of Social Science, Universitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia. The journal aims to publish research and theoretical articles within the field of social science education and to analyze a range of contemporary educational issues on social science.  The content of this international journal offers a genuinely valuable source for educationists and educational scientists in all areas looking for fresh ways of dealing with familiar problems. Distinguished contributors from all over the world present in-depth research and case histories which have tangible practical value and whose methodologies can be applied to solve or mitigate parallel situations.

Focus and scope:

The focus of JESS is the publication of research and theoretical articles within all fields of education on social sciences. The scope covered:

  • Citizenship education
  • Geography education
  • History education
  • Sociological education
  • Anthropological education
  • Curriculum on Social Sciences Education
  • Social and educational policy
  • Public Administration
  • Public Management